40 Days of Prayer – the Names of God


Starting this past Tuesday, Antioch21 has entered into our annual "40 Days of Prayer" that we tend to do during the Lenten season. In past years we've gone through Mark Batterson's Draw the Circle book, which stirred us up to be fervent in prayer until God answers our prayers. This year we have a prayer guide put together by a few church members (particularly Karen T., Michelle Beckman, Erin Radomsky & Justin Yeats), its focus is on the various names that the Biblical authors regularly refer to God by. This week Wayne will start with a talk on "El Roi" - the God who Sees Me.

Next week, I'll get the privilege of preaching on "The Lord, Our Righteousness" which is exciting to me. I dwell a lot in the reality that none of my good works are good apart from the Holy Spirit's empowering. I'll be talking about filthy rags and "skubalon."

Yet another new aspect of our 40 Days is the artwork. For each week, we've commissioned members of the church to create art pieces representing one of the names. Justin assigned "The Lord, Our Righteousness" to me! So, I thought I'd share a tiny sneak-peak into what I'm working on. (No, it's not a scary, bearded face.)

I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord does during this focused season of prayer, and I'm excited to see the other art that people are putting together as well!